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Organized by DEWA

The UoB Team with the President of the University and the Dean of the College of Science

The University of Bahrain team is the only team representing the Kingdom of Bahrain. On the 21 October 2019, the team has been qualified to participate in the solar decathlon Middle East 2020 that will be held in Dubai, UAE.

The team includes students, technicians, and research assistants, and academics covering different qualifications range, Ph.D., MSc, and BSc. All members are from the University of Bahrain from these colleges:

College of Science

College of Information Technology

College of Engineering


The Renewable Energy Laboratory in the University of Bahrain is leading the university solar decathlon team for the Middle East Competition 2020. We as UOB team are seeking a unique opportunity for learning and using our innovative minds to design and build an energetically self-sufficient solar house while interrelating it with the seven pillars of the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2020 Organization which are: Sustainability, Future, Innovation, Clean Energy, Mobility, Smart Solutions, and Happiness.

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