Ensuring a good indoor air quality, and provide a comfortable indoor temperature, without compromising the residents their connection to nature. The colors and furniture are chosen to provide every spot in the house with the right touches to fulfill its purpose.

In the middle east and more specifically the Gulf region, each house will have a storage water tank, these tanks require regular maintenance to sustain the quality of water needed for drinking, cooking, and washing. In our project, we will provide a long-term solution for the house with minimum cost. Also, the water is needed for irrigation (if garden provided), using greywater, will not help to increase the green area around the house, but also to be used for other personal wash purposes.

The project will aim to minimize both direct and indirect energy consumption through the following:
– Minimizing the energy consumption of the house, by developing a dynamic structure, which will improve the insulation and control the ventilation of the house.
– Provide a source of clean energy to the house.

The project will introduce an innovative solution, that may have been used for different applications than that introduced in the project. Searching for these innovations will provide support and brooding their implementations. Reaching the local industry, especially the cooling systems industry, will help to work closely with them for better solutions for cooling houses. The hunt for innovation will be the main drive for this project.

The house we are proposing will reduce inequality between the members of the family, making everyone, independent and receiving the right access to all the facilities in the house.

In order to achieve sustainable cities, we need a smart solution for the current house design. We are looking forward to showing that our design can introduce a new concept for future cities, maximizing mobility between houses, flexible infrastructure and unrestricted access to the common facilities. In addition, the using of electric cars requires an infrastructure that starts from the house, and our project will provide it.

Due to the hospitality culture of this region, the consumption and production of food is an issue that cannot easily solve without changing the culture. Bringing the household to think about consumption and production will require using IoT to manage household consumption and production. The idea is still developing and we aiming to achieve an innovative solution for this issue in our future house.

The product of this project is to tackle climate actions by reducing, reusing and recycling. Also, the team members involved in these challenges will learn to mitigate climate actions and provide methods to reduce human impact and the climate impact on humans.

And indirectly achieving the following goals

Students part of the team has a great opportunity to receive training and workshops in aspects related to the project which is relevant to their specialization and allows them to engage in a real project, hence have a great impact on their future career.

Every innovative and enthusiastic individual is welcomed to join the team and there is no restriction on tasks given or limitations based on gender. Currently, students’ females are more than 60% of the member and the reason for this is that the majority of students at the University of Bahrain are females. We look for quality and will ensure that each member enjoys the whole process of the competition.

Minimizing the impact of urbanization on life in the water.

Minimizing the impact of urbanization on life on land.

We aim through this competition to encourage the partnerships between the public sector, represented in the University of Bahrain and Ministries supporting us with the private sector, through working together for finding urgent solutions to issues related to the unique conditions of this region.