House Description

Through architecture and interior design, we redefine the way of living in the middle east by designing a contemporary revival of a courtyard house. The house brings in a modern-day twist on ventilation and natural lighting to achieve its sustainability. Our aim is to create a nostalgic, yet smart home with flexible space, while also maintaining privacy and interchangeability. This can be further done by making the space adaptive to the occupant’s needs through maximum elimination of solid walls.

Our House Design Philosophy

We strongly believe that the implementation of this project will not only help to improve the current houses design but also help to transfer the existing building to the future, by adding functionality to the natural resources (solar and wind) Operation. Furthermore, the establishment of a best practice demonstration site is a significant development for the building industry that will lead to increased adoption rates.
The project will aim to minimize both the direct and indirect energy consumption through the following:
1. Minimizing the energy consumption of the house, by developing a dynamic structure, which will improve the insulation and control the ventilation of the house.
2. Provide a source of clean energy to the house.
3. Provide a source of “renewable” water source.

House Design